Retro iPhone Cover

I have to laugh at this. I was glad to get rid of my brick a longggg time ago but it seems it has returned to haunt. For people that weren’t lucky(?) enough to experience the size of mobile phones in the 80s (I’ll leave the exorbitant running costs for another post), the mobilephone massif […]

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Sony Discman

The Sony Discman was a portable CD player that took over from where the Walkman left off. Released to the masses in November 1984, it took the world by storm but I remember that there wasn’t a huge range of CDs to pick from – if you were a David Bowie fan then you were […]

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Where do you buy 80s memorabilia

If you are like me, you would be kicking yourself for throwing away a lot of you old toys/music/clothes etc that you used (and enjoyed) back in the good old 80’s. I still have most of my old vinyl records but the ironic thing is that I have nothing to play them on! That aside, […]

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