A new theme for Only The 80s?

I’m currently looking for a new theme for the site. When I initially created it, it was on the list of ‘to do’ things, but I never got around to it (sound familiar?). In the meantime, if anyone would like to design me a new theme for the site, please leave a comment at the […]

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Where do you buy 80s memorabilia

If you are like me, you would be kicking yourself for throwing away a lot of you old toys/music/clothes etc that you used (and enjoyed) back in the good old 80’s. I still have most of my old vinyl records but the ironic thing is that I have nothing to play them on! That aside, […]

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Stuck in the 80s podcast

Everyone that has an ipod uses podcasts. And there are plenty out there on the internet. But what about for the good old 1980’s? Yep, sure is. Stuck in the 80’s is a great blog on the decade that mattered, complete with a weekly podcast hosted by Steve Spears. On the blog pages, there are […]

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