Human League Sydney Concert March 2009

Last night I saw Human League live here in Sydney. It was my first I have seen them even though I love them. All the previous occasions they have visted I have missed them for various reasons.

Last week the venue and date were changed. Not sure why but the venue where it was at is a smaller place which I enjoy more. We arrived at 8.30pm when the support band was playing. The League werent due on until 9pm for a 2 hour set.

We got some great standing room about 4 rows from the stage in front of Phil. How great for some decent pics!!

Prior to them coming on, I was wondering what song they would play first. I t had to be something boppy but not on eof their major hits. When the concert started, I realised ‘of course!!!’ – They started with ‘The sound of the crowd’ to get everyone going.

* Photo linked – awesome pics from the concert there

I wish I could remember the full playlist, but I do recall the songs that went off – the first one being ‘the things that dreams are made of’. Everyone really got into it.

Also, huge crowd reactions came from ‘the lebanon’, ‘mirror man’, and ‘electric dreams’. Everyone really got into these three songs. My favourite Human League songs are ‘fascination’ and ‘love action’ which were also played.

Here are some of the shots I took with my mobile phone (not great but better than nothing)….

Joanne Catherall
Joanne Catherall

Susan Anne Sulley
Susan Anne Sulley
The Human League
The Human League

Phil Oakey
Phil Oakey

Phil looked great, Susan better(!) and Joanne had put on a bit of weight but I loved the concert very much. The gig only lasted about 90 mins (was supposed to be 2 hours?) and my only criticism was that ‘louise’ and ‘darkness’ weren’t included in the playlist :-9.

That aside, I would highly recommend any 80’s fan seeing Human League live. I reckon they are getting better with age!

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