Sydney Monorail closing down

After nearly 25 years of operation, which started off amid much controversy because of it’s eyesore, the Sydney Monorail makes it’s last journey this weekend.

The monorail’s first voyage was back on July 21, 1988, and was the free to ride for the first two week’s of operation. The first day was not without drama – hundreds of protesters swarmed the Sydney Town Hall and Queen Victoria Building demanding its removal.

Some trivia about the Sydney Monorail System:

In 1985 when the project was approved, 12 millions visitors a year are forecast. 25 years later it is actually around 4 million.
Operating speed of the trains – 33kph (20mph)
1995 – The monorail starred beside the heroes in the Mighty Morphan Power Rangers movie.
2010 – In February, a train crashes into a stationary train at the darling park station
Fare Price – in 1996 it was $3 for a single ride, in 2013 it is $5
Where is the monorail going? It has been rumoured to have been bought by the Tasmanian government to link Hobart’s waterfront to the CBD

Below are some photos taken earlier this month. Unfortunately the day chosen was not ideal – there was much rain.
Sydney Monorail closing

Sydney Monorail closing_003_resize

Sydney Monorail closing_004_resize

Sydney Monorail closing_005_resize

Sydney Monorail closing_006_resize

Sydney Monorail closing_007_resize

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