Shoes, earrings and stuff

In today’s ecclectic fashion world, there are many elements that first came to light in the eighties.
Ballet shoes are all the rage again now with the kids. In the 80s they were slightly different, more like a real ballet shoe. Now they are ballet inspired flatties. However, I have seen some shoes that could have come from the depths of my cupboard where they have lived since the 80s.

The earrings the youth are splashing about are exact copies, in many cases- from the 80s. I for one remember getting about in my rainbow cloloured, shiny drop circle earrings made of only the highest quality plastic. They are everywhere again, even in the same sort of shops.

Little holes in the walls of malls, stocked to the rooftop with silver and plastic glinting “must haves”.

How come if they are all wearing it again now, and you can get it for $20, new – so you look like you are from the 80s. But, if you want to buy something that is actually FROM the 80s, which is the same, it’s called vintage or retro. AND, you will pay more than $20 for it!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh fashion……………

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