big time

Peter Gabriel Big Time

Peter Gabriel, yes the same guy who founded the band Genesis, went solo in the mid 70s.

His most popular work was from his 1986 album titled ‘So’. Such songs as Big Time and Sledgehammer were iconic of the 80s. Big Time topped at #8 on the Billboard top 100.

The music video had muc to live up to after Sledghammer, and he did it well with effects such as stop motion, claymation, and strata-cut animation which showed Peter leaving his small town for the big city.

Bit of trivia about the song:

Big Time was the official theme song of WWE WrestleMania 22.
Big Time was used in the trailer for the film Big.
Big Time was used in the film Spaceballs.
Big Time is featured in the Wii video game Imagine Fashion Party

Enjoy the (extended) music video here:

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