Stuck in the 80s podcast

Everyone that has an ipod uses podcasts. And there are plenty out there on the internet. But what about for the good old 1980’s?

Yep, sure is. Stuck in the 80’s is a great blog on the decade that mattered, complete with a weekly podcast hosted by Steve Spears.

On the blog pages, there are links to suscribe via iTunes and the more popular readers (including the RSS feed). ALL the past podcasts are there too, so you have plenty of listening to do in order to catch up.

Once I build the site up a bit more, I think I’ll email Steve and ask him to mention my site on one of his podcasts, or even better, write an article.

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Addicted to Love?

One of most iconic songs from the 80’s was Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love.

The girls in the music video were scantily dressed for the 80’s, and caused quite a stir.

To say they are iconic of the 80s is an understatement as even to this day they are constantly parodied.

Robert Palmer - addicted to love

For a reminder of the catchy tune, and the girls, check out this youtube video:

Want some trivia? Read on ….


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The Commodore 64

‘The’ Computer of the 80’s was the Commodore 64 – the best thing since sliced bread. Released in August 1982, the C64 took the world by storm, and is even popular today amongst the cultist computer nerds.

Commodore 64

Yeah it looks ugly, but this 8 bit (yes that’s right) computer was capable of so many things. Essentially it was a gaming computer, but there were are few non gaming titles released.

When it was first released, games came out on cassette tape, and load times were horrendous by today’s standards, Then, as the C64 became more popular, the 1541 floppy disk drive was more affordable. According to Wikipedia, over 10000 titles were released for the C64. The computer had advanced graphics and sound (for the time), and the limits of the processor was pushed by many a software writer.

Commodore Business Machines also brought out the SX-64 – a portable(?) version of the C64. It was a very heavy machine, but boasted a built in 5 inch monitor.

Here is a youtube video of the TV ad, aired in Australia, to promote the C64 (which I remember very well):

The C64 is still very popular, with an abundance of information out there on the net. Just Google it and see how many matches you get ….

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Fluro or BUST

Have you walked past SUPRE lately?? It is like a flash back to the 80s. All the same FLURO colours screaming out the door at you. They have even re-hashed the plastic jewellery.

If I’d had a crystal ball when I was a perky teenager/young 20 something I’d have been SO IN now, it would have been ridiculous.

I even saw A GUY WEARING HAPPY SHOES last week, I tell you I almost had to stop him and say WTF!!!

In the 80s, CINCH was the SUPRE in the shopping world, and if you were lucky enough to live in the Campsie/Earlwood/Kingsgrove area you would beat a track to their door almost religiously. Every piece of carefully handmade (read cheap and nasty) piece of clothing was there at hand, eagerly awaiting your purchase. And because not much was over $20, you could usually buy multiple items……… sounds like Supre today…….

Any area would have had their own version on CINCH, and their own 80s haven to shop.
And as with the hair and makeup, too many accessories were NEVER ENOUGH.

Think WHAM….even in the 80s they were a bit much. But we all did CHOOSE LIFE. And today we are RELAXing and walking around in a variety of other semi suggestive slogans.

It’s the same, but with a twist I guess. Where we wore skin hugging fluro orange skirts that came down past our knees, with ballet shoes and pink studded belts over over sized T-Shirts, the kids today wear tiny bum showing shorts, crop tops with fluro coulours and multilayered singlets, and flatties.

However daggy we feel as we look back at ourselves, we know we were truely the LAST original fashion (and music) era.

EVERYTHING is sampled from the 80s. Sure, they might give it a shake and a stir, but its the same same………………..

Here is a link to a RIOTOUS thread from the Vogue Australia Forums…. What was cool in the 80s


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