It’s all in the Hair Attitude

The 80s, the last bastion of great original hair attitude.

Back in the 80s only inner city dwellers would dare to have 2 toned hair, and now every suburban Tracey and Jacinta has it.

Back in the 80s the more makeup you had on your face at the one time, indicated your place in the pecking order of life. More was never enough…

A Flock of Hairdressers and Duranies alike revelled in the post romantic experimentation that was both girly and boyish at the same time. Boy George was an inspiration to many, even Marilyn had his place. We all existed in harmony and musicality. The bigger the beat, the bigger the hair do. the bigger the band and the wilder the dance moves.

 Blamonge (sp?) were living on the ceiling while the Clash were rocking the kasbah. Who cared, we all got along. Even Madam Butterfly ex  sex pistol punker Malcom McLaren found a new niche. Tears for Fears were telling us about the mad world and youngsters in America were passing the dutchie(sp?) on the left hand side РI SAY!

Come on and celebrate in tight jeans wearing brian Mannix’s of the day and all things UK. From those brilliant Nutty boys themselves to the pop/glam/rock of Bon Jovi.

Post, Read, Remember……………………………..

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