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Best Horror Movies of the 80s

Some of the best (read: cult) horror movies I think were released in the 1980s. Of course everyone has their own opinions but I think if I sat in a room full of 20 people, we will agree on the majority of selections below. Without further ado, let’s begin (in no particular order): A Nightmare […]


Back to the Future Hover Board

Loved the Back to the Future Trilogy – and one of the things that I’m sure every kid (or every kid in heart) would love is one of those Hover Boards from the second movie. Well, believe it or not Mattel are planning on releasing a hover board this year based on the one from […]


Ferris Bueller at the Superbowl

So it looks like there is another day off for Ferris coming up. Matthew Broderick, better known as Ferris Bueller from the cult movie, is appearing in web ‘teases’ that will turn viral (I’m sure) in preparation for the commercial advertising Superbowl Sunday. Word is that the commercial is going to be Ferris-Bueller-themed. Here is […]


Christmas Vacation 1989

This is the one Christmas movie that I don’t think anyone can ever get tired of. Chevy Chase returns in the third installment of the Vacation series as Clarke W. Griswold as he tries desperately to maintain his sanity during the holidays with all of his relatives coming to stay under his roof and enduring […]