Addicted to Love?

One of most iconic songs from the 80′s was Robert Palmer’s Addicted to Love.

The girls in the music video were scantily dressed for the 80′s, and caused quite a stir.

To say they are iconic of the 80s is an understatement as even to this day they are constantly parodied.

Robert Palmer - addicted to love

For a reminder of the catchy tune, and the girls, check out this youtube video:

Want some trivia? Read on ….

From what I have read on the net (and it IS difficult to verify), the girls were NOT Robert Palmer’s idea.

So who were the models? The model on the keyboard was Susie Verrico. She was in the reality TV show Big Brother UK in the UK in 2006. The models in the video are (from left to right) Patty Kelly, Julie Pankhurst, Mak Gilchrist and Julia Bolino with Kathy Davies at the back on drums.

Oh, and to finish off, they did not know how to play the instruments which was no great secret but their simple presence worked.

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